• Open Your Heart to God!
    Start a New Way of Living!
    Road to success. Go straight, turn wherever necessary, don't deviate, avoid rash driving, keep going even if break down stalls for a while... keep seeking assistance; and that is not all...
  • Whatever it takes to do
    Whatever God says
  • Anand Mimansa. New Delhi.
  • Bhagwat Geeta (Gita)
    Chapter - 1
    Sloka - 1
    What is Dharamshetra - Kurukshetra?
  • Karma yoga is the learning about
    sculpturing the boulder of our insight;
    so that it gathers reverence and
    magnetic radiance...

15 years ago it was realized by a spiritual insight that by pruning leaves the tree cannot be changed at its constituent ends... therefore it is necessary to go down to the seed genetic engineering level to produce a change towards the entirety of the tree... This tree can be addressed as a simile. In Shrimed Bhagwad Gita too the state of a being (being) has been indicated as an inverted tree. And the best way to reconstitute the human understanding is only possible through a learning that is able to touch the depths of human existence. And the ability of understanding and engineering the human existence lies in the Ancient Indian Wisdom... the research work of our great ancient Indian seers who researched through their relentless seeking and bequeathed upon us an endowment that we know as Adhyatm... the science of awareness/ consciousness... the technology of consciousness. Hence Ancient Indian Wisdom became our exclusive basis to approach any learning to understand and resolve.